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Adam Donovan, Psychophysics Machines, 2013, Installation view

Unable to map myself as a coherent self within the works multiple coordinates, I am set adrift in uncertainty and I am discharged into the non-time of free floating reminiscence. — Jean Fisher 1996

Psychophysics Machines comprises of five robotic sound generating sculptures where the audio perceptual engine is questioned and also crumbled into a heightened otherness where our natural state of hearing is thrown out the window. It is in essence about creating a transformative experience only occurring within the here and now.

My work has always dealt with the concept of perception and lensing through a form of immersion of space that attempts to evoke an otherness or unworldliness dealing with psychology and physics as concepts and mediums. The work is meant to be somehow impossible unreproducible un-recordable and transcendent to normal human perception. It’s a bold statement and one that’s not often reflected in the documentation.

Those that have experienced the work often feel somehow profoundly altered. Below are some comments people have expressed about the performance/installtion
.“I never thought it was possible to experience sound in this way”
“It’s like 3D cinema for the ears”
“The way the sound moves seems somehow impossible”
“I can’t put my finger on it, somehow a sense of sadness yet healing”

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