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Select Exhibitions
2015    Saturn 3, WRO Media Art Biennial, Wrocław, Poland
....    Circular Audiometry, Plusminusnula Gallery, Zilina, Slovakia
....    Psychophysics Machines, iii, Quartair, The Hague, Netherlands
....    Machines in the Landscape, ART.CHI, Seoul, Korea
2014    Psychophysics Machines, ISEA Dubai, United Arab Emirates
....    Psychophysics Machines, NEXT Festival, Slovakia
....    Psychophysics Machines, Aula Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic
....    Hot particle, Always Forever Now ,timelessness and the currency of new media, das weisse haus, Vienna, Austria
....    Multiplexing Tautophone, Connecting Sound Etc. Cable Works, Cable Sounds, Cable
....    Everywhere, Freiraum Quartier 21 International, Vienna, Austria
2013    Hot Particle, Asifakell Museums Quartier, Vienna, Austria
....    Psychophysics Machines, Raum D Museums Quartier, Vienna, Austria
....    Psychophysics Machines, Jurassic Lab, Lucerne, Switzerland
....    PsychophysicsMachines, Stern Studio, Vienna, Austria
....    Parabolic Swimming, Swiss Mechatronic Art Society, Wildhause, Switzerland
....    Curious Tautophone, Poolloop Festival, Zurich, Switzerland
2012    Sound Room Modulator, Contemporary Art Centre, Gdansk, Poland
....    STUTTGART NACHT 20.10.2012 - ZAPATA v.2.0 Collaboration with Emily Fernandez
2009    20 Vertrauensgüter, UA, Collaboration with Hannah Groninger, Knappe and Johannes Kreidler
2008    Plasma Pong, MMA Salzburg FH Collaboration, Künstlerhaus, Salzburg, Austria
2007    Sense collaboration with Emily Fernandez, Melbourne, Australia
....    Glass Trap filming the void, Tesla Berlin November 2006 Cynet, Dresden, Germany
2006    Perceivable Bodies, Tesla, Berlin, Germany
2004    PROOF – The Act of Seeing With Ones Own Eyes, ACMI, Melbourne, Australia
....    Sound-room modulator, Artspace, Sydney, Australia
2003    Primavera - Australian artist exhibition, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia
2002    Heterodyning Cage, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia
....    Perimetry, Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia, Australia
2000    Fortitude, Queensland Art Gallery, Australia
....    Poetic dielectrics, Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane, Australia
....    Spin me round, Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia
....    Tympanic Membrane, Modus studios, Brisbane, Australia
....    Churchie Emerging Art Exhibition, Anglican Church Grammar School, Brisbane, Australia
....    Exchange, Pratt institute, New York, United States
1999    MAAP - Multimedia Arts Asia Pacific, Sci – Art 99
....    MAAP - Multimedia Arts Asia Pacific, ) “The Turing test” Asia Pacific Triennial
....    Moi (collaboration with Peter Alwast), Shop 49b, James Street, Brisbane, Australia
....    Phase – Inversion, Acoustic lens Project. IMA, Brisbane, Queensland.
....    Alignment, Acoustic lens project. Queensland Sciencentre, Brisbane, Australia
....    Aconscill, Stripp gallery Melbourne, Australia
....    Aconscill,  Process gallery, Brisbane, Australia
1998    Presence, Group exhibition of sculptors, Process Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
1997    Oblong Box,  Carbon Based Studios, Brisbane, Australia
1996    R.O.Y.G.B.I.V, White box gallery, Brisbane, Australia

2012    Collaboration with Goldextra winner of Outstanding Artist Award;
....    ZKM Karlsruhe, Lessing Festival, Thalia Theater Hamburg
....    Bongfish gmbh - 3D Environment Artwork for John Gerrard, Modern Art Oxford, London, UK, Link
2011    DOX, Medienmuseum Prag
....    New Cultures Festival, Moscow, Russia
....    Games For Change Festival, New York, United States
....    Pavilion Unicredit, Bukarest, Romania
....    Theaterkapelle Berlin, Germany
2010    ARGEkultur Salzburg, Austria
....    Friedensund Konfliktforschungszentrum, Burgschlaining
....    Tag der Zivilcourage, Parlament Wien, Austria
....    Amnesty, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
2009    Prototype designer for Ausstellungen Frontiers (Auswahl)
2003    Normanby Bus way sculpture commission
2001    New Farm River Walk project, Brisbane City Council, Australia
2000    Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Empire Building refurbishment collaboration
1999    Brunswick Street west redevelopment, Australia

1999    Australian Network for Art and Technology Master lab
1994    BFA, Bachelor of Fine Art. Sculpture. Queensland College of Art. Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

2010    Salzburg University of Applied science: 3D Industry game design and MultiMediaArt - Medienkonvergentes, Austria
2008    Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe workshops, Germany
2005    Teaching digital media, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

2015    iii, DCR Guest Studios, The Hague (NL)
2013    STEIM, Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music, Dr Doppler development, Link
2007    TESLA Berlin Glass trap filming the void, Berlin, Germany
2006    Camera tracking project, Frieder Weiss Nurnberg, Berlin, Germany
2004    Art Space, Sound Room Modulator
2001    ANAT Defense Science and Technology Organisation Adelaide

2013    Bundesministerium für unterricht kunst und kultur österreich
2005    Australia Council For The Arts – Inter arts office Self initiated residency with Palindrome, Caustic Resonance
2003    Australia council for the arts New Media funding for research and development
2002    Arts Queensland funding for development of new work
2001    ANAT, DSTO, SA
2000    Arts Queensland “Soundmill”, Project funding for a collaboration with composer and trombonist Benjamin Marks
1999    ANAT, Australian network for art and technology Conference and workshop grant
....    ANAT, Australian network for art and technology master class summer school.
1998    Arts Queensland grant, Australia

Select Reviews and Publications
2015    Neural Magazine #49, Multiplexing Tautophone
....    Artshub, Rise of the Geek Artist
2014    Polish Natioal TV, Interview
....    Slovakian TV Arts Channel, Interview
2003    Compiled by Martha Liew Public Art+Practice East+West, Is Publishing / Pace Publishing, Hong Kong
....    Primavera – Heterodyning Cage pg 25-31 Linda Cooper
2002    A Brief History Of Art And Science, Physics World (UK Magazine) November, page 40, vol 15 no 11
....    Art and Defence Science, Australian Defence Science Magazine, page 6, vol 10 no 1, Link
....    Scientific Serendipity, ANAT Art And Science Residency Program 1999/2001 pages 37-43
....    Converge, Where Art And Science Meet, 2002 Adelaide Biennial Of Australian Art, pages 36,37
2001    TripleJ National Radio ABC Australia, Creatures of the Spotlight with Mark and Craig: Adam Donovan
2000    The Art Show, ABC television Australian – Review of “Fortitude”, TV
....    Spin me Round Essay from David Pestorius
....    Breaking through, Courier-Mail, 15 March 2000, pp. 37–38. Smith, Sue
....    Emerging Artists in Queensland, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, pp. 22–23.
1999    Phase-Inversion at Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. Eyeline magazine, Reviewed by Linda Caroli.
....    Real Time Magazine “Sci – Art 99” Reviewed by Linda Caroli and Greg Hooper
....    Aconoscill at Stripp gallery Melbourne February edition of, Art and Text. Reviewed by Danny Huppatz
1998    Oblong box, October edition of The Review, Brisbane. Reviewed by Jane Gallagher


Adam Donovan’s work combines the highly specialised field of scientific acoustics with the visual arts. Donovan has been researching focused acoustics and acoustic lenses since 1996 drawing on scientific research in this area to create interactive sound installations. Donovan’s interest in using lenses in his artwork evolved while he was completing his Fine Arts Degree at Griffith University, Queensland.

The initial attraction to lenses was in their beauty and later formed into ideas about human perception and memory. For me the lens is an infinite model for my work, lenses represent the collecting of information/emotion and define a person’s view of the world. This model of perception led me to think about other senses. Auditory awareness was of particular interest because it’s secondary to vision. It became an obsession of mine in 1996 to find a way to control sound (or focus sound), I wanted to sculpt sound in space and change the way people perceive their auditory environment,” comments Adam.

Scientific collaboration has been an integral part of the work enabling him to gain the skills and expertise needed to develop prototypes for exhibitions. In this unusual area of interdisciplinary art practice, Donovan has found himself at the forefront in developing new and innovative methods of incorporating applied physics with installation art. Donovan’s collaborations are also challenging for the research scientists he works with as he is often asking them to extend the boundaries of currently available technology and their (usual) uses. — Linda Cooper

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