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Adam Donovan, Glass Trap, 2012, Installation view

Filming the Void, red and cyan stereo film

Exhibited Artwork format, Peppers ghost 3D movie:
This work is presented as an anaglyph (red/cyan) stereo film. Filmed at night the work depicts Voyeuristic scenes of people’s intimate living spaces. 

This work follows on from my interest of human perception, concepts about the lens and is designed to give audience a unique feeling of being drawn into the scene.

The idea for this work first came to me while walking at night and peering into the voids of pitch black windows.  Some windows gave me the feeling of some presence inside and tugged at my mind pulling like gravity, even though it was impossible to tell if there was anything there at all.

The film is presented in 3D to the audience to try and achieve a stronger emotional link to the subject matter.  The film also has strong associations with my childhood and my first experiences of 3D which helps to make the experience a little more like a dream. The sound is a loop of myself breathing, it is repetitive and meant to represent some state of frequency the brain achieves while sleeping.

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